June 18th 2018 Journal Poseidon’s Music Box Cycles of action

  • Research into the exhibition

As I am getting closer to having the sculpture finished I have revisited the public launch aspects and connecting the sculpture with the community to serve a public purpose. I have contacted HOTA (Gold Coast Home of the Arts) and also The Dust Temple (Currumbin art gallery) and both have expressed very positive interest in having the sculpture at their galleries. I think at this stage I will go with both of these to start and then move onto some other sculpture festivals once I have the masters submitted. I am aware of not putting myself out too much with the transport of the sculpture and allowing myself enough time to work on the written exegesis.

  • Connecting and networking with the cause and environmental groups

I have been keeping up with the news articles and progress of the overall cause of #StopAdani and the coral bleaching of the Great Barrier Reef. The local Gold Coast #StopAdaniGoldCoast crew are keen to be included in the sculpture and at the very least their hashtag will be on the panelling at the base of the sculpture. This sculpture is also a lot easier to transport so I will be able to set it up within an hour and bring it to some of the events they have coming up, protests and other.

I have also connected with the https://fortheloveof.org.au/ (For the Love of the Reef) movement and will be incorporating this into the sculpture.


“I’m constructing a giant kinetic, solar powered coral shaped music box to help raise awareness and funds to fight Adani and to help protect our Great Barrier Reef. I believe it is all of our responsibility to fight for a sustainable future, our government certainly isn’t being responsible, but that doesn’t mean we can’t do what we feel is right.


Some recent articles of interest.





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