Guy Cooper is an Australian freelance music producer With an acute ear for high end audio production, a perfectionist attitude and a genuine interest in your music.. Through Serotonin Productions, he has produced, managed, performed with and published several local acts into international markets, working with labels and management to produce great artists.

Dedicated high quality audio production for your songs and music at great rates.

His business Serotonin Productions (a music production house that strives to work with distinguished musicians to create seminal albums) and Human Records (an independent record label that makes creative and unique visual elements such as disc artwork, photographs, press photography, music film-clips, stage props and presentations and online media for amazing artists), are setup to serve the songs and Guy’s love of music and production. Creating great music and helping musicians earn a living doing what they were born to do.

Guy has produced a large number of artists for Serotonin Productions, including Buena Vista Social Club, Adelle, The Band from Oddworld, Transport, Reichelt, Katie Noonan, Natalie Pa’apa’a (Blue King Brown), Newton Falkner, Julia Rose, Alby Carter, Bec Plath, The Combovers, Lua, Dr Octopus, A Secret Death, Wheeler, The Matador, Stellar Green, Street Warriors and many more.

  • Music Producer/Mix Engineer
  • Radio Ready Music Productions
    Rock, Punk, Pop, Folk, Hardcore, Alt, Indie, R&B, Electro, …
  • Award Winning, Overseas Sales, Local Studios
  • Music Production
  • Mixing Only
  • Live Sound Mixing – Professional Live sound mixing for large events, festivals & venues
  • Audio Engineering – Voiceovers, Location Recording, Noise/Hiss/Crackle Removal, Vinyl and Cassette Restoration and Transfer, Sound Foley, Sampling and Sound Effects
  • Mastering – Mastering includes Red Book Master for Printing, seamless tracks and secret tracks.

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