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HAPPY BIRTHDAY to our Julia Rose

HAPPY BIRTHDAY to our Julia Rose, she is a powerhouse of musical love.
Head over and have a listen to her new ep ROMEO and what she loves doing
From Human Records 🙂


Reichelt 2014

Reichelt drops new Punk Rock Hardcore Polka track “MORE STUFF” from the new album.

Reichelt just dropped his new single MORE STUFF off the new album. Punk Rock Hardcore Polka from the Gold Coast.

I had a lot of fun mixing this album and there are still more tracks to come, head over to, check it out, grab a copy and listen to the whole album.
Human Records

Julia Rose & Leopold’s Treat at The Soundlounge Gold Coast tonight !

Its on tonight Julia Rose down at The Soundlounge !
Julia Rose and Leopold’s Treat Double EP Launch

An epic night of live music on the Gold Coast, supported by the amazingLeopold’s Treat, Katie Who & Sophia Koop Music.

Huge Gold Coast show this Fri 22nd July with JULIA ROSE & LEOPOLD’S TREAT

Getting excited for The Soundlounge this Friday July 22nd for Julia Rose performing live with Gold Coast emerging artists of the year Leopold’s Treat, supported by Katie Who and Sophia Koop Music.

4 great female performers in 1 night, the best thing to do on the Gold Coast this Friday night. Julia Rose and Leopold’s Treat are both launching their new EP’s.
Julia Rose and Leopold’s Treat Double EP Launch

Tickets can be purchased cheaper ($15) before the show from or $20 on the door.
Please come down and have a dance.
Human Records

July launch shows for Julia Rose EP & Lane-Harry x Ike Campbell Album

July shows on the way for Human Records (

Julia Rose is launching her EP locally with Leopold’s Treat who also have a new EP supported by Katie Who & Sophia Koop Music on July 22nd at TheSoundlounge.
Julia Rose and Leopold’s Treat Double EP Launch
Julia Rose Soundlounge July 2016 for web

Lane-Harry x Ike Campbell are launching their new album YOUTH while support Seth Sentry and Remi. in Brisbane and Ipswich and then a party show at Rics Bar.
YOUTH album Brisbane launch party at Rics Bar
2016 YOUTH Tour Lanexike

Gold Coast headlining Double EP SoundLounge show for Julia Rose & Leopold’s Treat

Julia Rose is headlining at The Soundlounge in Currumbin on July 22nd withLeopold’s Treat, Katie Who & Sian Evans. 4 great female performers in one night on the Gold Coast. We’d love for you to join us on the night.

Both Julia Rose and Leopold’s Treat are launching their new EP’s. Head to listen and purchase Julia’s new EP ROMEO.
Human Records

New REICHELT single ‘As Previously’

Another new Reichelt single ‘As Previously’ has just been released and is the 4th single from his latest album GLASS BOTTOM BOAT. We have been releasing a track every month and you can hear all the past singles now at If you can’t wait another 6 months, physical copies of the whole album are also available now from the website.

The whole album is testament to Luke‘s songwriting skills, guitar skills, accordion skills, bass skills, vocal skills, programming skills and just hard work, with this being his 4th album. Thanks to Daniel Hitzke & Ian Peres who also helped out with the album. It was a pleasure to be able to work on it with my friends.

Please check it out now and head to the website to get a FREE copy of the last album ‘Books on Tape’.

Reichelt single ‘The Taxidermy has to Stop’ reaches Semi-Finalist in International Song Writing Comp

Congrats to Reichelt for being a semi-finalist in the International Songwriting Competition for his track ‘The Taxidermy has to Stop’.

Go to now and check it out along with the 1st few singles off the new album if you haven’t already. Was a pleasure working on it with my friends Luke Reichelt & Daniel Hitzke & Ian Peres.

The first few singles from the new album is out on Human Records now at, Sign up on the website with your email to receive a FREE copy of the last album ‘Books on Tape’.

Julia Rose ROMEO ep launch success

Julia Rose killed it at her big local Gold Coast launch for her new ep ROMEO last Saturday at the new Nightquarter venue at Helensvale. We all had a great night and if you haven’t heard the new ep yet, please go to now and check it out 🙂


Julia Rose Gold Coast EP launch this Sat 23rd April @ Nightquarter

Julia Rose‘s big Gold Coast launch for the new ep ROMEO is coming up this Saturday at NightQuarter & we’d love for you all to come along for some great food, music and pick up a copy of the new EP.
Its the 4th release for Julia on my label Human Records and this EP is all about love.

Julia will be performing with local GC superstar Felicity Lawless, below is a video from our performance of Smile together from the BRISBANE POWERHOUSE last month.
Check it out and we would love to see you at the show 🙂