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New Charlie Rebel PUNK album hits Heavy Mag

CR - The People's Republic of Earth Artwork.jpg

Huge thanks to HEAVY Magazine and Kris Peters for having a chat to us yesterday about the new Charlie Rebel album THE PEOPLE’S REPUBLIC OF EARTH out May 1st. Check it out here. Plus I got to say how fucked up our government is again haha.

“That’s what is great about punk music too”, Cooper interjected. “You get to stand up and say something about how fucked up the government is and how all the terrible shit they are doing is going down and you’ve got a voice as a musician and as a punk band to do that. People might expect it or not expect it but they’re getting it whether they like it or not”.

We have another single we are dropping next week and then a Goldy launch on May 4th at Vinnies Dive and off to Japan on tour in May.
Charlie Rebel album launch & Japan tour – Vinnies Dive May 4th


New Being Jane Lane single NEXT STEP, premiered on Triple J

Tune into Triple J Short Fast & Loud tonight and Scenestr tomorrow morning to hear the new Being Jane Lane single NEXT STEP!

Its been an honor to be working with them over the last yr and a bit through Human Records. Congratulations to the ladies for the start of their new album, NEXT STEP will be on Spotify, iTunes, etc on Friday… it’s a banger!

IndieNow video with Mojo Bullet’s Emily Holler on how to DIY your indie release.

I had a chat with Emily from Mojo Bullet for her #indienow series about DIYing your indie music release and some important things to consider.
It feels like I’ve been encouraging indie artists to bring their art to wider audiences, develop their entrepreneurial business skills and become more sustainable for a lifetime through my label Human Records and lecturing at a few uni’s, I hope something in here can act as a catalyst for your own career.
Thanks to Emily for including me in this series.

Lane-Harry x Ike Campbell finalists in Gold Coast Music Awards for Album of the Year

Congratulations to Lane-Harry x Ike Campbell for being announced as a finalist for Album of the Year for the Gold Coast Music Awards for their album YOUTH (
Human Records

Along with the other finalists for Emerging Artist of the yr, Song of the yr, venue of the yr, Artist of the yr, Event of the yr and Video of the yr. Tesla Cøils, Hussy Hicks, Benny D Williams – Music, Amy Shark, Being Jane Lane,Felicity Lawless, Phoebe Sinclair, The Black Swamp, City Over Sand, Driven Fear, Marcus Blacke, Ella Fence, CC the Cat, Athena Joy, elsewhere,NightQuarter, Soundlounge, Miami Marketta, Expressive Ground and more.

And thanks to Scott Moose Wellington for the intern assist with the sound for the media call today. Guy Cooper – Producer – Serotonin Productions

Merry Christmas from Charlie Rebel

Merry Christmas from Human Records & Serotonin Productions
Charlie Rebel made a Christmas song and clip a couple of days ago, we hope you enjoy and happy new year.


HAPPY BIRTHDAY to our Julia Rose

HAPPY BIRTHDAY to our Julia Rose, she is a powerhouse of musical love.
Head over and have a listen to her new ep ROMEO and what she loves doing
From Human Records 🙂


AAABackstage review of the new Lane-Harry x Ike Campbell single KEITH RICHARDS

Thanks to AAABackstage for the review of the new Lane-Harry x Ike Campbell single & clip for KEITH RICHARDS.

Check it out now at the link below or their website

Lane-Harry x Ike Campbell performing at BIGSOUND next week.

Lane-Harry x Ike Campbell are showcasing at BIGSOUND next Thursday at 12:30-12:50 at the Brightside Coopers outdoor stage as part of the Bigsound Festival 2016.

As part of the Gold Coast music showcase alongside Tesla Cøils & AQUILA YOUNG. Thanks to the Gold Coast Music Awards.
Human Records

Their new album YOUTH and the new single KEITH RICHARDS will be hitting the radio this week, stay tuned for more info…


Sunday Blues Rock drum day for VJ King’s new album.

Good day of drums for VJ King Jr.‘s 1st single off his new album, its a Blues Rock Sunday in Ashmore. Thanks to Cvitan Barac for laying down the percussion & Alexander Ross for the assist today.
Guy Cooper – Producer – Serotonin Productions

Reichelt 2014

Reichelt drops new Punk Rock Hardcore Polka track “MORE STUFF” from the new album.

Reichelt just dropped his new single MORE STUFF off the new album. Punk Rock Hardcore Polka from the Gold Coast.

I had a lot of fun mixing this album and there are still more tracks to come, head over to, check it out, grab a copy and listen to the whole album.
Human Records