Super Sugoi ! New Charlie Rebel EP is dropping in Japan on June 20th with Human Records.

4 PANEL SLEEVE KNIFE.PDFSuper Sugoi! Here it comes, the new Charlie Rebel EP ‘Stare at the Sun’ is being released in Japan on June 20th with Human Records. To celebrate, Nick & Chris are on their way around Japan with their producer/label head, Guy Cooper.

The Gold Coast punk rock band is heading across to Japan on June 20th for a string of 9 shows over 12 days in Osaka, Toyko, Kobe & Nagoya. The new EP will be available from shows in Japan & online Japanese stores from June 20th. You can still grab a copy outside Japan on June 20th, if you subscribe the band’s mailing list at www.charlierebel.com.

6月21日 Atlantiqs, Osaka – http://atlantiqs.com/
6月23日 Namba Mele, Osaka – http://namba-mele.com/
6月24日 Art House, Kobe – http://www.arthouse.ne.jp/
6月25日 Sengoku Daitouryou, Osaka – http://sengokudaitouryou.com/
6月27日 Club Kinoto, Tokyo – http://kinoto.jp/
6月28日 Heaven’s Door, Tokyo – http://www.geocities.jp/xxxheavensdoorxxx/
6月30日 Shinjuku Live Freak, Tokyo – http://www.live-freak.com/
7月 1日 Six-Dog, Nagoya – http://www.six-dog.com/
7月 2日 Brand New, Osaka – http://www.brandnew-osaka.com/

Osaka Tour Shows – https://www.facebook.com/events/247616745642549/
Tokyo Tour Shows – https://www.facebook.com/events/337589286657179/

Charlie Rebel will be back in Australia in July to release & tour the new EP. In the meantime jump on the Charlie Rebel mailing list at www.charlierebel.com to grab a copy of the new EP on June 20th.

2017 Charlie Rebel JAPAN TOUR poster


Reichelt 2014

Reichelt drops new Punk Rock Hardcore Polka track “MORE STUFF” from the new album.

Reichelt just dropped his new single MORE STUFF off the new album. Punk Rock Hardcore Polka from the Gold Coast.

I had a lot of fun mixing this album and there are still more tracks to come, head over to www.reicheltmusic.com, check it out, grab a copy and listen to the whole album.
Human Records

Being Jane Lane release 1st single and announce new EP and tour

The first single from the new Being Jane Lane debut EP is out, along with the announcement of an East Coast tour.

I met these guys at a Brisbane show and loved the sound and decided to produce an EP for them. Had a lot of fun and made some great sounding tracks, they always bring so much energy to what they do. (www.serotoninproductions.com)

Here’s the link to get the track- https://beingjanelane.bandcamp.com

The full EP isn’t far behind, stay tuned.


Premiere: Being Jane Lane Unveil New Single ‘Animal’ And Announce East Coast Tour

3 of our Human Records​ artists on Bleach* Festival​ this year :)

3 of our Human Records artists on Bleach* Festival this year 🙂
Congrats to Julia Rose, Lane-Harry x Ike Campbell & Jesswar


2014 Julia Rose 01

No Hype on Australian tour with new EP

The lovely No Hype punk lads are on tour around Australia this month and they stopped by the Gold Coast to have dinner and say hi to their label Human Records (yeah thats me, I’m not crazy I swear). They are having a awesome time and racking up some great shows and new fans. You can check out their new EP and Film-clip (proceeds of the single go to the Red Cross) at www.nohypemusic.com

The Cairns based punk band have a few more stops on their tour this year and then home and back to it again, we are hoping to take them to Japan mid next year to share their love with the world. Please check out the new EP, Max is so very tired and all he wants is for you to listen to the new songs 🙂No Hype Tour Van No Hype Tour Max 2014-10-17 16.33.53

Been a busy month with the label and studio…

2014 Julia Rose - Come What May coverart4-Page-Booklet-Inlay

Its been a busy month with the label (Human Records) and studio work (Serotonin Productions).

Both Julia Roseand No Hype have new releases and tours that are underway.

While Reichelt, The Band from Oddworld and Lane-Harry x Ike Campbell have been working away on new albums. New Edit’s new album is also coming along with the 1st single nearing completion and the 1st of the photoshoots done and dusted yesterday.

The Jesswar and Lane-Harry EP vol 2 is done and a bunch of live shows and videos filling up the gaps.

ALL MY LOVE SEPT 2014Its going to be a good year…I need a holiday, but more good music coming your way soon 🙂

Our No Hype boys are currently on tour from Cairns with their new EP ‘Nuclear Holiday’.

Our No Hype boys are currently on tour from Cairns with their new EP ‘Nuclear Holiday’. Head over to www.nohypemusic.com and check it out if you haven’t already, the boys worked really hard on it and they have hearts of gold, minds of steel and bodies of beer.

Human Records – www.humanrecords.com.au

tour sept 2014 01


We have just released NO HYPE’s new EP ‘Nuclear Holiday’ with East Coast TOUR of Australia

We have just released the NEW EP ‘Nuclear Holiday’ from Cairns based punk heads NO HYPE
with my label HUMAN RECORDS !


The boys are on their 1st major tour and the new EP is available from shows and their website www.nohypemusic.com, proceeds from the single will be going to the Red Cross to support Asylum Seekers to Australia, you can read all about it on their website www.nohypemusic.com

2014 Nuclear Holiday Tour FOR WEB

and the filmclip…

Aussie punk band No Hype release 1st single ‘The River’ in support of asylum seekers, proceeds go to Red Cross

Earlier this year I signed a Nth Queensland (Cairns/Townsville) based punk band called NO HYPE, we have just released today their 1st single ‘The River’ along with their 1st film-clip in support of the asylum seekers still on Nauru. I really like the kind hearts of these guys and their commitment to being good Australians in support of all Humans, very deserving of being on my label Human Records.

All proceeds from this 1st single are going to The Red Cross Asylum Seeker Assistance Scheme (http://www.redcross.org.au/asylum-seeker-assistance-scheme.aspx) and you can also donate directly to the Red Cross online via http://www.redcross.org.au/contact-us.aspx or by calling 1800 811 700 (free call).

Please head to their website www.nohypemusic.com to check out the new single and grab a copy in support of the Red Cross or watch it below. Love these guys, they renew my faith in Australian society 🙂

Aussie PUNK band No-Hype Sign with Human Records and new EP

Aussie punk band No-Hype have signed with us here at Human Records and will be releasing their new EP later this year with a tour around Australia. The boys from Nth QLD are top blokes with some great live stage energy.

You can check them out at www.nohypemusic.com but their new EP I tracked with them late last year will be on its way to assault your earholes soon.


No-Hype article