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Lane-Harry x Ike Campbell performing at BIGSOUND next week.

Lane-Harry x Ike Campbell are showcasing at BIGSOUND next Thursday at 12:30-12:50 at the Brightside Coopers outdoor stage as part of the Bigsound Festival 2016.

As part of the Gold Coast music showcase alongside Tesla Cøils & AQUILA YOUNG. Thanks to the Gold Coast Music Awards.
Human Records

Their new album YOUTH and the new single KEITH RICHARDS will be hitting the radio this week, stay tuned for more info…


Reichelt 2014

Reichelt drops new Punk Rock Hardcore Polka track “MORE STUFF” from the new album.

Reichelt just dropped his new single MORE STUFF off the new album. Punk Rock Hardcore Polka from the Gold Coast.

I had a lot of fun mixing this album and there are still more tracks to come, head over to, check it out, grab a copy and listen to the whole album.
Human Records

Thanks to BlankGC for the YOUTH album review & interview this month for Lane-Harry x Ike Campbell

Thanks to Blank GC for the review of Lane-Harry x Ike Campbell‘s new album YOUTH (…/) and the interview in this months issue. The new YOUTH album will be dropping on Aus Radio very very soon.
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Gold Coast BIGSOUND showcase announced with Lane-Harry x Ike Campbell

A big thank you to Blank GC for including Lane-Harry x Ike Campbell in their Gold Coast BIGSOUND showcase on Sept 8th lunchtime.

An awesome lineup with AQUILA YOUNG and Tesla Cøils too, its going to be a good day.…/
Human Records

Lane n Ike also just dropped their new album YOUTH and you can check it out here


Julia Rose & Leopold’s Treat at The Soundlounge Gold Coast tonight !

Its on tonight Julia Rose down at The Soundlounge !
Julia Rose and Leopold’s Treat Double EP Launch

An epic night of live music on the Gold Coast, supported by the amazingLeopold’s Treat, Katie Who & Sophia Koop Music.

Huge Gold Coast show this Fri 22nd July with JULIA ROSE & LEOPOLD’S TREAT

Getting excited for The Soundlounge this Friday July 22nd for Julia Rose performing live with Gold Coast emerging artists of the year Leopold’s Treat, supported by Katie Who and Sophia Koop Music.

4 great female performers in 1 night, the best thing to do on the Gold Coast this Friday night. Julia Rose and Leopold’s Treat are both launching their new EP’s.
Julia Rose and Leopold’s Treat Double EP Launch

Tickets can be purchased cheaper ($15) before the show from or $20 on the door.
Please come down and have a dance.
Human Records

Gold Coast headlining Double EP SoundLounge show for Julia Rose & Leopold’s Treat

Julia Rose is headlining at The Soundlounge in Currumbin on July 22nd withLeopold’s Treat, Katie Who & Sian Evans. 4 great female performers in one night on the Gold Coast. We’d love for you to join us on the night.

Both Julia Rose and Leopold’s Treat are launching their new EP’s. Head to listen and purchase Julia’s new EP ROMEO.
Human Records

Julia Rose’s new EP ‘ROMEO’ is coming your way and you can hear the 1st single ‘Come What May’ right now !

Beautiful people come a little closer and stay a little longer, Julia Rose‘s new EP ‘ROMEO’ is currently being put together as we talk and we would love your support. Please head over to the following link to see how you can be a part of the new EP.

Julia Rose 2015 Pozible Cards Front

So many amazing musicians, artists, friends, family and friends have gone into these new songs, with contributions by Felicity Lawless, Arno Cassidy, Daniel Hitzke, Guy Cooper, Louise Cottone, CC the Cat, Matilda Alexander, Flick Gund, Aisha Damall, Damien Lang and of course Human Records to get us started.

You can hear the 1st single ‘COME WHAT MAY’ right now here and while you listen please head over to the Pozible page above and check out some rewards.

2015 Julia Rose 03

Julia Rose ‘Romeo’ filmclip in full swing

Julia Rose music video on this Friday night. I think i might leave my loungeroom setup like this, private restaurant. Damian Lang doing a great job smile emoticon Flick Gund looking smick too.
Human Records
Hit up the new Pozible page for info on the new EP ‘Romeo’

2015-10-02 21.22.59

Romeo COVER2

2015-10-02 20.43.37 2015-10-02 20.43.31 2015-10-02 20.14.41

Sharing the love & playing for Jesswar’s PEACHY EP launch in Brisbane at The Zoo with Lane-Harry x Ike Campbell, BOY, Jordan J-Flame Baker, Erin Jane & Being Jane Lane.

Sharing the love & playing for Jesswar‘s PEACHY EP launch in Brisbane with Lane-Harry x Ike Campbell, BOY, Jordan J-Flame Baker, Erin Jane & Being Jane Lane.

Jesswar,Lane-Harry x Ike Campbell, Being Jane Lane, Erin Jane

8.30 – 9.00 Erin Jane
9.20 – 9.50 Being Jane Lane
10.10 – 10.40 Lane-Harry x Ike Campbell
10.50 – 11.30 Jesswar Feat. Boy & J-Flame

2015-07-31 14.18.49