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Poseidon’s Music Box kinetic solar sound sculpture on the way to Woodford Folk Festival 2018

Exciting news that my Poseidon’s Music Box kinetic solar sculpture will be on exhibition at Woodford Folk Festival this year!

You can also catch it next in Xmas mode at Tugan Lights Up on Sat Dec 1st.

The video is from this year’s Buskers by the Creek, huge thank you to Cindy and the team for letting him spin and busk alongside the other musicians.

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Giant kinetic solar-powered music box

I have built a giant kinetic solar-powered music box calling on the god of the sea Poseidon to come save us all in Australia from the proposed Adani coal mine.
A big thank you to Samantha Morris and Blank GC for the write-up on the new sculpture and the upcoming Buskers by the Creek.
Fav quote “I believe our government has its head up its ass and the proposed Carmichael coal mine in Queensland is a disgrace.”
Patterns and connections can be found in nature everywhere we look; the cylindrical motion of life is seen on a large scale in our solar system and in the smallest cycle of growth and rebirth on our planet. Nowhere is this seen more so than the in coral reef systems and our own Great Barrier Reef. The advancement the industrial revolution has impacted the planet in many ways, as we fight to keep our planet growing, humans need to find a way for life and our construct to grow together. May this music box call on the God of the sea Poseidon to come save us all.
INFORMATION SHEET - Poseidon's Music Box Exhibition Info Sheet
Stop Adani Gold Coast Stop Adani Australian Youth Climate Coalition Queensland Greens Gold Coast Greens
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