Can’t Stop Me It’s Christmas! – Charlie Rebel release new xmas song to brighten your holiday cheer

It’s that time of year again and Charlie Rebel is here to help celebrate with a Christmas song, You can’t stop me it’s Christmas!

This Christmas time there are still lots of Gold Coast families and children struggling this time of year. You can help by donating to Paradise Kids at or Angels for the

Spend a little of your Christmas cheer to help those in need.


Charlie Rebel Japan Tour & new ep Japan launch tomorrow

Thanks to Dave Marini for this Japan tour poster for Charlie Rebel and our new ep STARE AT THE SUN on Human Records. If you’re outside Japan and want the new ep on Tuesday, then hit up and join the mailing list.
And if you are looking for some great graphic design, hit Dave up !

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Super Sugoi ! New Charlie Rebel EP is dropping in Japan on June 20th with Human Records.

4 PANEL SLEEVE KNIFE.PDFSuper Sugoi! Here it comes, the new Charlie Rebel EP ‘Stare at the Sun’ is being released in Japan on June 20th with Human Records. To celebrate, Nick & Chris are on their way around Japan with their producer/label head, Guy Cooper.

The Gold Coast punk rock band is heading across to Japan on June 20th for a string of 9 shows over 12 days in Osaka, Toyko, Kobe & Nagoya. The new EP will be available from shows in Japan & online Japanese stores from June 20th. You can still grab a copy outside Japan on June 20th, if you subscribe the band’s mailing list at

6月21日 Atlantiqs, Osaka –
6月23日 Namba Mele, Osaka –
6月24日 Art House, Kobe –
6月25日 Sengoku Daitouryou, Osaka –
6月27日 Club Kinoto, Tokyo –
6月28日 Heaven’s Door, Tokyo –
6月30日 Shinjuku Live Freak, Tokyo –
7月 1日 Six-Dog, Nagoya –
7月 2日 Brand New, Osaka –

Osaka Tour Shows –
Tokyo Tour Shows –

Charlie Rebel will be back in Australia in July to release & tour the new EP. In the meantime jump on the Charlie Rebel mailing list at to grab a copy of the new EP on June 20th.

2017 Charlie Rebel JAPAN TOUR poster


Gold Coast’s Charlie Rebel EP is all finished up and ready for the Japan tour & release.

Finishing up the new Charlie Rebel ep for print before the japan release and tour. 9 shows in 11 days at the end of June. Charlie Rebel
Human Records


2017 Charlie Rebel JAPAN TOUR Poster

Charlie Rebel Japan Tour & New EP with Human Records Gold Coast.

Aw yeah !!! I knew I started a record label for a good reason!

I’ve been booking an 8 show Japan tour for one of my punk bands Charlie Rebel in June and I’m going to play some bass with them🤘 #4stringwin

They are fresh from supporting SpiderBait last month and we have a new EP on the go. It will be released on June 20th for the Japan leg of the tour & then back to Australia for the national tour.
A little bit of Gold Coast punk for Japan ! Super Sugoi !

Human Records Charlie Rebel 2017 Japan Tour
Atlantiqs, Osaka – June 21st
難波mele, Osaka – June 23rd
Art House, Kobe – June 24th
Sengoku Daitouryou, Osaka – June 25th
Club Kinoto, Tokyo – June 27th
Heaven’s Door, Tokyo – June 28th
Shinjuku 新宿Live Freak, Tokyo – June 30th
New Brand, Osaka – July 2nd

Charlie Rebel JAPAN Tour OSAKA
Charlie Rebel Japan Tour 2017 TOKYO

2017 Charlie Rebel JAPAN TOUR Poster

Sunday Blues Rock drum day for VJ King’s new album.

Good day of drums for VJ King Jr.‘s 1st single off his new album, its a Blues Rock Sunday in Ashmore. Thanks to Cvitan Barac for laying down the percussion & Alexander Ross for the assist today.
Guy Cooper – Producer – Serotonin Productions

Our No Hype boys are currently on tour from Cairns with their new EP ‘Nuclear Holiday’.

Our No Hype boys are currently on tour from Cairns with their new EP ‘Nuclear Holiday’. Head over to and check it out if you haven’t already, the boys worked really hard on it and they have hearts of gold, minds of steel and bodies of beer.

Human Records –

tour sept 2014 01


6 new releases for all 6 of our Human Records Artists

Getting motivated to be creative and succeeding in a music career can be two of the most challenging things many of my friends and myself go through. There can be so many definitions of ‘success’, but for me its being able to make great music day in and out, survive and move forward with good people in our lives. If we can earn a living in the process, then its just more time for us to make great music and share it with others.
I started my label Human Records ( because I believed in the great talent of my friends and wanted to build a family of like minded musical demons. This year I have produced a bunch of albums, eps and singles for various bands on and off my label. But again like a lurching beast turned well oiled machine, all of my acts have new albums, singles and eps they are about to release over the next couple of months and into 2015.
Starting with Julia Rose‘s new single ‘Come What May’ at the soundlounge on Oct 3rd and our Nth QLD punk lads No-Hype and their new ep ‘Nuclear Holiday’. Winding through with Lane-Harry x Ike Campbell‘s new album Renaissance which will be a landmark release for the duo and the signing of Jesswar and her new Ep, then album. 2 of my acts closest to my heart, The Band From Oddworld‘s newest album and my best friend Reichelt‘s latest album. My own personal musical projects have also been lurking behind secret folders and dark corners of my studio and its about time they saw the sunlight.
Its a year of all or nothing, its a lifetime of positive vibes, its a time to take charge and thrive. Good intentions and hard work have gotten us here, but positive attitudes and making it happen will take us all to new heights. Much love to my friends, our artists and those that chose to make a difference in peoples lives with music.


Julia Rose nominated for PERFORMER OF THE YEAR at the Brisbane Pride Festival, voting open now

 Julia Rose has just been nominated for ‘Performer of the Year’ by the Brisbane Pride Festival and voting is currently open. So please check out her music and videos at or at a live show and go and VOTE for Julia at

Voting is simple, you don’t even have to signup, just select ‘Julia Rose’ from the Performer of the Year section and hit Submit, easy !

Brilliantly honest, damn entertaining and multi-skilled in her musicianship, Julia Rose is fired-up and delivering some amazing live shows. This Australian heritage/folk singer/bassist/songwriter is equivocally striking in her onstage performance and after a massive 2012-13 of recording, releasing and touring with her debut self titled EP across Australia and Japan (produced by her co-producer & manager Guy Cooper – Buena Vista Social Club, Newton Faulkner), Julia is set to release her new single ‘Come what May’ later in 2014.

Signing to Australian independent label Human Records (, Julia has recently completed her 2nd EP ‘Stairway to the Moon’ with a tour of Japan and finished off her 25-show Australian tour with slamming live sets at the Byron Bay Blues Festival, Surfers Paradise Festival, Art in the Park Festival and The Nerang Folk & Bluegrass Festival. The sell out shows and radio airplay both EP’s received is a testament to her music and the way it resonates with Aussie folk music lovers. Her track Razorback Rd (2011) came in at #1 on the Airit National Australian Charts, with the first single from the 2012 release ‘Gina’ at #3, and the 2nd single ‘Melbourne Town’ at #6 on the same charts. ‘Melbourne Town’ also took out First Place in the Dolphin awards for best music clip 2012 and Jury Prize at the Byron Bay Film Festival with over 60,000 hits on youtube. The EP has just recently been ABC Radio’s Morning Feature Album of the Week in March this year.

 Thematically, Julia Rose’s songs are about human behavior, intimacy, love, soul searching, isolation, and the itinerant nature of life on the road. She draws on Australian landscapes, people, cities & traditional stories for inspiration, having spent most of her life on the road.

With a three-octave range and gutsy operatic techniques coupled with humorous antics, Julia is sure to get your heart pumping. Her soaring vocals, rhythmic guitar lines and bass licks, with timeless tales and stories of love, blend beautifully. Julia takes you on a lyrical, rhythmical and melodic journey, drawing from the audience a feeling of familiarity that digs deep into the soul and stirs the senses.